Our Dental Services

KidzSmile Dentistry specializes in special needs and medically challenged children’s dentistry. In addition, we have privileges at Floyd Memorial Hospital when needed.

Drs. Livesay and the Staff of KidzSmile Dentistry provide the following dental services:

  • Routine cleanings and fluoride treatment
  • Education for kids and parents on how to prevent cavities
  • Tooth colored fillings and preventative sealants
  • Crowns and pulp therapy
  • Nitrous Oxide to ease dental anxiety
  • In-office Sedation for fearful children
  • Hospital dentistry for more extensive dental needs
Kids Smiling

We provide the highest level of long-term dental services that our young patients can rely on. Our team will see to it that your child is comfortable and relaxed before, during and after any procedure. Dr. Livesay has the experience to deliver the results that you are seeking.

Treatment and Prevention

At KidzSmile Dentistry, we want to do more than simply treat your child’s current dental condition; we want them to have strong teeth and gums that are healthy for a long time. We teach kids the importance of oral hygiene for long-term dental health. Our dentists will perform a thorough assessment of your child’s teeth and gums before determining the best possible treatment.

We pay close attention to details and symptoms of potential dental problems such as toothaches, decay, sensitivity, and others. Your child needs routine cleaning to prevent the accumulation of plaque and food debris, which are the causes of many dental problems. Children who are afraid of the procedure they need may require sedation. Our staff will use nitrous oxide to allay the fears of kids who will undergo treatment.

Dr. Livesay expertise and experience will make sure that your child gets the most effective procedure. If you want your child’s teeth assessed or need treatment, please get in touch with us so that we can schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will answer your queries.